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During the colder months of the year, we tend to experience all kinds of skin problems, from eczema to dry skin. Dry air, indoor heat, and low temperatures all contribute to these issues. Never neglect your skin during this time of the year if you want your face to stay fabulous!

CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system, cells that regulate important bodily functions. CBD also has various anti-inflammatory agents and may be taken topically or orally in the form of delta 9 gummies.

Read on to learn how it can enhance your beauty regimen.

In oil form

The method in question involves applying the oil to the skin directly. You see, topical application bypasses the need to enter the digestive system and bloodstream, ultimately giving you fast-acting results.

Find a product without counterproductive elements, which may include flavoring and scents. After all, these ingredients might irritate your skin. Stay away from them, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. You might only make the problem worse when you just wanted to make it better!

Every morning and night, dab 4 to 5 drops of topical CBD oil on your face with your fingers. Next, gently smooth all of it with your hands to let your skin absorb the product.

As an infused face mask

Expect flare-ups and breakouts when you spend a lot of time in an enclosed space with central heating.

CBD face masks are excellent because they moisturize facial skin even better than the average moisturizer. They typically have potent and intense ingredients, which give you hydrated and plump skin.

A study from 2017 revealed that the use of CBD oil as a face mask use may lead to reduced skin dryness. Use your DIY CBD mask on a weekly basis. This will leave the skin soft and rejuvenated!

For the under-eye area

Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? If this is the case, there is a good chance that you have bags under your eyes.

Eye bags appear when the tissues and muscles around the eyes weaken. Even when you get enough shut-eye, some people still develop eye bags as they age.

On the bright side, our favorite compound is full of antioxidants that may combat oxidation, which creates free radicals responsible for cell damage. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the area under the eyes.

All you have to do is dab some of it right below the eyes!

CBD is an amazing compound that has numerous benefits for people who use and consume it. Before reading this article, you might not even have known that it can be good for your skin!

A word to the wise: never forget to conduct a patch test before applying a new product topically. Our skin is naturally very sensitive, so apply a small amount to the skin to check for allergies.

If there is no allergic reaction, follow the instructions above for an improved beauty regimen!